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Language is central to almost all aspects of human life: communicating with each other; thinking and reasoning; creating social relations; passing on the thoughts, ideas and discoveries of the past to future generations. Linguistics is simply the study of language in all of its aspects. Here at Queen Mary, the newest London member of the Russell Group, we focus on both the nature of language (its structure, how it connects to thought, and to sound) and on its use (how it varies from person to person and situation to situation). Each of these different approaches complements the other. The Department was ranked first in the UK in the most recent research assessment exercise. It is consistently ranked within the top three in the UK for teaching and research.

Students on our English Language and Linguistics programme have said:

"I absolutely loved my course! The teaching quality at Queen Mary is excellent; the lecturers are all very helpful and enthusiastic."
"The actual lectures and seminars were always very organised, well planned and interesting. I am glad I did Linguistics at Queen Mary."
"The teachers were very passionate, inspiring and motivational."

We offer a single honours degree in English Language and Linguistics, and a number of joint degrees. We also offer an MA in Linguistics, and have a thriving PhD programme.

 To find out about some of the work we do in this department, visit our blogs on sociolinguistics and bilingualism, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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