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Maria Polinsky (Quirk Fellow) Workshops - Day 2

16 May 2017

10:00 - 12:00amArtsOne 1.28

Thanks to a generous donation from The Lord Quirk (CBE, FBA, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of London), the Randolph Quirk Fellowship has been established at QMUL. This year, we are delighted to announce that the first Randolph Quirk Fellow will be Professor Maria Polinsky, who will give a series of 3 workshops as well as a public lecture.


Workshops Day 2

Prosody and V1

This workshop will continue the discussion of interfaces between syntax and prosody,  with a special emphasis on verb-initial orders (V1). Researchers agree that not all verb-initial (V1) languages are built the same way, and this suggests that paths toward verb-initiality may differ. This course will examine micro-variation among verb-initial languages, with the emphasis on challenges these languages pose for theoretical accounts. We will start by looking at several sample cases and then discuss the following main issues: recurrent properties of V1 languages; ways of deriving V1 in modern syntactic theory; prosodic phrasing in V1 languages, and the status of left and right periphery in V1.

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