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Maria Polinsky (Quirk Fellow) Workshops - Day 3

17 May 2017

10:00 - 12:00amArtsOne 1.28

Thanks to a generous donation from The Lord Quirk (CBE, FBA, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of London), the Randolph Quirk Fellowship has been established at QMUL. This year, we are delighted to announce that the first Randolph Quirk Fellow will be Professor Maria Polinsky, who will give a series of 3 workshops as well as a public lecture.


Workshops Day 3

The grammar of exception

In this workshop, we will examine the syntactic expression of exceptive constructions (e.g., Sandy has worked in every city except Liverpool) whose structure has been studied relatively little. Cross-linguistically, exceptives can be phrasal or clausal, in the latter case the clause is often reduced. We will examine diagnostics distinguishing phrasal and clausal exceptives, consider several competing derivations of reduced clausal exceptives, discuss a language with unreduced clausal exceptives (Niuean) and the reasons for which reduction is impossible, and brainstorm about possible correlations between exceptive type/derivation and independent language properties.

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