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Zoe Adams

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language and persuasion, language attitudes, Multicultural London English, language and ethnicity

David Adger

Professor of Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.11
+44 (0)20 7882 8289

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Syntax and its interfaces, Linking syntactic and variationist approaches to variable phenomena.

Mohammad Alhailawani

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Arabic Syntax, DP Syntax

Jenny Amos

Teaching Fellow in Linguistics

Dimitrinka Atanasova

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Room : The Bancroft Building, 2.38

Research interests : health communication, discourse analysis, framing, metaphors, science communication

Sharon Bernor

Programme Administrator (Postgraduate)
Room : Arts One 1.08
+44 20 7882 8332

Anne Beshears

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntax and Semantics, specifically Comparatives, Relative/Correlatives, Definiteness/Indefiniteness, The interaction of grammaticality and pragmatics, Indo-European languages including Hindi and Marwari

Hagit Borer

Professor of Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.12

Research interests : Comparative syntax, morphosyntax and language acquisition

James Brookes

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Linguistics
Room : TBC

Research interests : Main: statistical computing and quantitative research techniques, grammar, morphosyntactic variation (especially concerning verbs), linguistics of English, linguistics of Latin. Other: Indo-European historical linguistics, information structure

Nepa Brownsmith

Resources Manager
Room : Bancroft Building 120a
+44 (0)20 7882 2678


Abigael Candelas de la Ossa

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics and pragmatics/semantics (and their interfaces), social epistemology, philosophy of language, discourse analysis, variation, corpus methods, intersectionality, gender/sexuality, legal and institutional discourse, public health policy

Jenny Cheshire

Professor of Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.09A
+44 (0)20 7882 8293

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: Language Variation and Change, Language Contact, Conversational Narrative, Spoken Language: Syntactic and Discourse Structures.

Barbara Clark

Visiting Researcher

Research interests : Linguistic anthropology; Flight attendants; Institutional discourse; Language, gender, and power; Language ideology.

Colleen Cotter

Reader in Media Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.14
+44 (0)20 7882 8294

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, Discourse analysis, Ethnography of communication, News media language, Endangered and lesser-used languages, Irish (Gaelic), Language and culture, Language and identity, Public/written discourse, Language planning and policy, Technology

Esther de Leeuw

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.09
+44 (0)207 882 5911

Research interests : multilingualism, bilingualism, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, executive control, phonetics, phonology, sociophonetics, prosody

Edward Donovan

Administrator, Foundation Programmes
Room : Bancroft Building 124
+44 (0)20 7882 2829

Alex Drummond


Research interests : Syntax, interfaces, binding and scope

Ian Ericson

External Liaison Manager
Room : F.B. 1.24
ext. 8137

Jill Evans

Head of Administration
Room : Arts One 1.03
+44 (0)20 7882 8300

Sue Fox

Lecturer, University of Bern

Research interests : Sociolinguistics; Language variation and change; Dialect contact; Language contact; World Englishes

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Shivonne Gates

Research - PhD | Research Seminar Organiser
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Language and ethnicity, language variation, style, identity, sociophonetics

Catherine Gkritziou

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Long Distance Dependencies (Relative Clauses, Focus Movement, Topicalization, Clitic Left Dislocation, Interrogatives, cleft constructions), Locality and Islands, Resumption, Clause Structure, Greek Syntax, Tense and Aspect

Spela Gruden

Programme Administrator (In-Sessional and Pre-Sessional Programmes)
Room : Arts One 1.08
+44 (0)20 7882 2827

David Hall

Room : Arts One 1.21

Research interests : DP syntax; head movement; linearization and word order; Multicultural London English and syntactic properties of multiethnolects; the syntax of noun modification; Japanese syntax; Mandarin noun phrase syntax.

Daniel Harbour

Professor of the Cognitive Science of Language
Room : ArtsOne 1.21
+44 (0)20 7882 5739

Research interests : Morphology, Semantics, Syntax, Understudied Languages

Melissa Harvison

Research - PhD

Research interests : genre theory and analysis, emergent computer mediated discourse, corpus linguistics, forensic linguistics, English for academic purposes, discipline-specific student writing

James Hawkey

Lecturer in Spanish Linguistics (Bristol)

Heather Heiner

Exams and Assessment Officer (Postgraduate & Foundation Programmes)
Room : Bancroft 124
+44 20 7882 6640

Christian Ilbury

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: language variation and change, digital language, the phonology/orthography interface, style, sociophonetics

Aleksandr Kalinin

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Syntax and Semantics of Conjunctions

Jonathan Kasstan

Teaching Fellow in Sociolinguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.13

Research interests : Variationist sociolinguistics; sociophonetics; language death theory

Ruth Kircher

PhD (2009) | Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University

Anja Kleemann Kramer

Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University Potsdam

Eva Klingvall

Visiting Scholar (Autumn 2013) | Lund University

Research interests : syntax and its interfaces

Nelya Koteyko

PhD Program Director
Room : 2.36, Francis Bancroft

Research interests : media discourse, digital literacies and identities, health communication, critical metaphor analysis, corpus assisted discourse analysis

John Ladhams

Research staff

Research interests : Pidgins, Creoles and other contact languages; Languages in isolation; Varieties of Portuguese; Amazonian languages

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Andy Law

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociophonetics; queer linguistics; identity, particularly (trans)gender and sexuality; style; indexicality; intersectionality; perception; stereotypes

Philippa Law

PhD 2013 | UGC Community Coordinator at The Guardian

Research interests : Minority language media, language maintenance, psychology of language, radio, TV and online production practice.

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga

Post-doctoral Research Fellow and Research Seminar Organizer
Room : Arts Research Centre Basement | Room B2

Research interests : Semantics (Genericity, Quantification), Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Philosophy of language

Sujin Lee

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, second language acquisition, language contact, bi-/multilingualism, language ideology, critical discourse analysis

Stephen Levey

Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Erez Levon

Reader in Sociolinguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.20
+44 (0)20 7882 8435

Research interests : sociolinguistics, gender/sexuality, indexicality, speech perception

Hong Liu


Research interests : Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Chinese-English code-switching, contact-induced language change


Agnieszka Lyons

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Research interests : Electronically-mediated communication and multimodality in discourse. The discursive representation of physicality in text-messages.

Kesson Majid

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chiara Marchetti

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, perception, prosody (specifically in Italian), indexicality

Luisa Marti

Lecturer in Hispanic Linguistics
Room : Arts One 1.24
+44 (0)20 7882 8323

Research interests : Semantics and its interfaces with morpho-syntax and pragmatics

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Kathleen McCarthy

Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : 1.13A Arts One
0207 882 7557

Research interests : Early phonological acquisition, first and second language acquisition, speech perception and production, bilingualism, acoustic-phonetics.

Chrystie Myketiak Chrystie Myketiak

Postdoctoral Researcher and Visiting Lecturer

Naomi Nagy

Visiting Scholar (Spring 2013) | Assoc. Professor, University of Toronto

Maame Nikabs

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, media language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, ethnography of communication

Fangfang Niu

PhD 2015

Research interests : The Syntax of possessive relation, Chinese syntax, and Language acquisition

Leigh Oakes

Reader in French and Linguistics / Head of the French Department
Room : Arts One 1.05A
+44 (0)20 7882 8319

Research interests : Language and national identity in France, Québec and Sweden; language policy and planning; language attitudes; regional languages in France; variation in French; language in the European Union; language and globalisation.

Mary Obemeasor

School Resources Manager
Room : Bancroft Building FB1.20A
020 7882 2678

Fryni Panayidou

Teaching Fellow in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.17A
+44 (0)20 7882 6637

Research interests : Syntax of adjectives/nominal phrases, contact-induced syntactic change

Elisa Passoni

Research - PhD

Research interests : Phonetics, sociophonetics, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, L2 teaching, bilingualism, indexicality, gender studies, statistics for Social Sciences.

Hazel Pearson

Hazel Pearson

Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.10
+44 (0)20 7882 6637

Falco Pfalzgraf

Senior Lecturer in German Linguistics
Room : Francis Bancroft Building 2.35
+44 (0)20 7882 8321

Research interests : Linguistic purism, the influence of English on German (Fremdwörter / Anglizismen / ‘Denglisch’), discourses of foreignness in school books, the relationships between politics language and culture, text book analysis.

Felicity Rash

Professor of German Linguistics

Tom Rausch

Research - PhD

Research interests : Risk Communication, Health Communication, English as a Lingua Franca, Discourse Analysis

Maneenun Rhurakvit

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Interlanguage Pragmatics - Linguistic Politeness and Impoliteness - Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communications - Second Language Acquisition - Language Pedagogy

Melisa Rinaldi

Research - PhD

Research interests : Comparative syntax; DP structure, particularly bare nouns; predication

Julia Rollitt

Programme Administrator (Undergraduate)
Room : Arts One, room 1.08
+44 20 7882 8331

Phaedra Royle

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Linguistique, Psycholinguistique, Dysphasie, Acquisition, Neurolinguistique

Pavadee Saisuwan

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language, gender and sexuality, third gender, indexicality, Thai language

Danniella Samos

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, health communication, discourse analysis, gender, sexuality, agency, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphor

Maria Secova

Post-doctoral research assistant

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, discourse-pragmatics, spoken French and youth language

Devyani Sharma

Professor of Sociolinguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.17C
+44 (0)20 7882 8338

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, New varieties of English, Bilingualism, Variation, Syntax, Typology.

Rosine Smyrl

Student Experience Manager
Room : ArtsOne 103a
+44 (0)20 7882 2825

Katerina Somers

Lecturer in German Linguistics and Medieval German
Room : Arts One 204
+44 (0)20 7882 5741

Research interests : The historical Germanic dialects: Old High German, Old Saxon, Old English, Middle High German, Middle Dutch Historical linguistics—syntactic, morphosyntactic and phonological change, Theories of language change, Sociohistorical linguistics

Tom Stanton

Research - PhD

Research interests : The syntax of noun modification, focusing on reduced relative clauses; postnominal modification in English; the relationship between syntax and morphology

Linnaea Stockall

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.17A
+44 (0)20 7882 5742

Research interests : Morphology, Lexical semantics, Event semantics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics

Lisa Stubbings

Programme Administrator (Undergraduate)
Room : Arts One 1.08
+44 20 7882 8314

Miriam Tenderini

Research - PhD

Research interests : relationship between language, music and emotion

Hazel Tsoi-Wiles

Resources Administrator
Room : 1.24 Bancroft Building
ext. 6636

Muhammad Usman Ghani

Visiting Student 2009-2010 | Lecturer, Dept. of English, International Islamic Univ. Islamabad

Coppe van Urk

Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.17B

Research interests : Issues in minimalist syntax, with a particular focus on understudied languages.

Astrid Vandendaele

PhD Alumni

Research interests : News media language, ethnography of communication, news production processes, writing studies, journalism

Rachelle Vessey

Lecturer at Newcastle University

Research interests : corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, Canadian studies, nationalism, language ideologies, sociolinguistics

Christos Vlachos

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
Room : Francis Bancroft Building, 2.38

Research interests : wh-questions, ellipsis, anaphora, clausal complement selection

Chen Wang

Research - PhD

Research interests : Chinese syntax, syntax-semantic interface, aspect system, event structure

John Weston

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, Evidential variation and epistemological variation, Indexicality, Philosophy of language, English for Specific Purposes

Panpan Yao

Research - PhD

Research interests : second language acquisition, comparative syntax, sentence processing, cognitive neuroscience

Has Yate

QMplus and web-content administration and strategy
+44 20 7882 8697

Nate Young

Research - PhD

Research interests : Language, social class, and ethnicity in Scandinavia

Mei Yuan

Research - PhD

Research interests : language attitude, language adaptation, language acquisition

Hui Zhao

Research - PhD
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Sociophonetics, Perception, Language Attitude, Mandarin Chinese; Phonetic/Phonological variation, Bilingualism and Quantitative analysis

Lena Zipp

Visiting Scholar (Summer 2013)
Room : Linguistics Research Centre

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