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Dimitrinka Atanasova

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Room : The Bancroft Building, 2.38

Research interests : health communication, discourse analysis, framing, metaphors, science communication

Nelya Koteyko

PhD Program Director
Room : 2.36, Francis Bancroft

Research interests : media discourse, digital literacies and identities, health communication, critical metaphor analysis, corpus assisted discourse analysis

Leigh Oakes

Reader in French and Linguistics
Room : Arts One 1.05A
+44 (0)20 7882 8319

Research interests : Language and national identity in France, Québec and Sweden; language policy and planning; language attitudes; regional languages in France; variation in French; language in the European Union; language and globalisation.

Falco Pfalzgraf

Senior Lecturer in German Linguistics
Room : Francis Bancroft Building 2.35
+44 (0)20 7882 8321

Research interests : Linguistic purism, the influence of English on German (Fremdwörter / Anglizismen / ‘Denglisch’), discourses of foreignness in school books, the relationships between politics language and culture, text book analysis.

Felicity Rash

Professor of German Linguistics

Katerina Somers

Lecturer in German Linguistics and Medieval German
Room : Arts One 204
+44 (0)20 7882 5741

Research interests : The historical Germanic dialects: Old High German, Old Saxon, Old English, Middle High German, Middle Dutch Historical linguistics—syntactic, morphosyntactic and phonological change, Theories of language change, Sociohistorical linguistics

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