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Former students

Barbara Clark

Visiting Researcher

Research interests : Linguistic anthropology; Flight attendants; Institutional discourse; Language, gender, and power; Language ideology.

Sue Fox

Lecturer, University of Bern

Research interests : Sociolinguistics; Language variation and change; Dialect contact; Language contact; World Englishes

Catherine Gkritziou

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Long Distance Dependencies (Relative Clauses, Focus Movement, Topicalization, Clitic Left Dislocation, Interrogatives, cleft constructions), Locality and Islands, Resumption, Clause Structure, Greek Syntax, Tense and Aspect

James Hawkey

Lecturer in Spanish Linguistics (Bristol)

Ruth Kircher

PhD (2009) | Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University

Anja Kleemann Kramer

Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University Potsdam

Eva Klingvall

Visiting Scholar (Autumn 2013) | Lund University

Research interests : syntax and its interfaces

Philippa Law

PhD 2013 | UGC Community Coordinator at The Guardian

Research interests : Minority language media, language maintenance, psychology of language, radio, TV and online production practice.

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga

Post-doctoral Research Fellow and Research Seminar Organizer
Room : Arts Research Centre Basement | Room B2

Research interests : Semantics (Genericity, Quantification), Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Philosophy of language

Sujin Lee

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, second language acquisition, language contact, bi-/multilingualism, language ideology, critical discourse analysis

Stephen Levey

Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Hong Liu


Research interests : Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Chinese-English code-switching, contact-induced language change


Agnieszka Lyons

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Research interests : Electronically-mediated communication and multimodality in discourse. The discursive representation of physicality in text-messages.

Chiara Marchetti

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, perception, prosody (specifically in Italian), indexicality

Chrystie Myketiak Chrystie Myketiak

Postdoctoral Researcher and Visiting Lecturer

Naomi Nagy

Visiting Scholar (Spring 2013) | Assoc. Professor, University of Toronto

Fangfang Niu

PhD 2015

Research interests : The Syntax of possessive relation, Chinese syntax, and Language acquisition

Fryni Panayidou

Teaching Fellow in Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.17A
+44 (0)20 7882 6637

Research interests : Syntax of adjectives/nominal phrases, contact-induced syntactic change

Maneenun Rhurakvit

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Interlanguage Pragmatics - Linguistic Politeness and Impoliteness - Cross-cultural and Intercultural Communications - Second Language Acquisition - Language Pedagogy

Phaedra Royle

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Linguistique, Psycholinguistique, Dysphasie, Acquisition, Neurolinguistique

Pavadee Saisuwan

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language, gender and sexuality, third gender, indexicality, Thai language

Maria Secova

Post-doctoral research assistant

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, discourse-pragmatics, spoken French and youth language

Tom Stanton

Research - PhD

Research interests : The syntax of noun modification, focusing on reduced relative clauses; postnominal modification in English; the relationship between syntax and morphology

Muhammad Usman Ghani

Visiting Student 2009-2010 | Lecturer, Dept. of English, International Islamic Univ. Islamabad

Astrid Vandendaele

PhD Alumni

Research interests : News media language, ethnography of communication, news production processes, writing studies, journalism

Rachelle Vessey

Lecturer at Newcastle University

Research interests : corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, Canadian studies, nationalism, language ideologies, sociolinguistics

John Weston

PhD Alumni

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, Evidential variation and epistemological variation, Indexicality, Philosophy of language, English for Specific Purposes

Lena Zipp

Visiting Scholar (Summer 2013)
Room : Linguistics Research Centre

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