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linguistics postgraduate students 2017-18

We have a vibrant postgraduate research community at QMUL, with over 20 PhD and MRes students. Research interests are broad, with projects spanning syntax, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, and more. Below you can find profiles of our current research students and their contact information.

Zoe Adams

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language and persuasion, language attitudes, Multicultural London English, language and ethnicity

Mohammad Alhailawani

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Arabic Syntax, DP Syntax

Pietro Baggio linguistics PhD student

Pietro Baggio

Research - PhD

Research interests : Formal/comparative syntax and semantics; morphology; syntax of adpositions, DPs, case, and agreement; Finnish syntax.

A picture of PhD student Karen Beaman sitting down in a grassy area

Karen Beaman

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: language variation and change, identity, dialect contact, Swabian

Elvis Coimbra Gomes linguistics PhD student profile picture

Elvis Coimbra Gomes

Research - PhD

Research interests : corpus linguistics; critical discourse analysis and ethnography; computer-mediated health communication; gender, sexuality and queer studies; mental health

A picture of Songyan Du, Linguistics PhD student

Songyan Du

Research - PhD

Research interests : Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Audiovisual Translation, Subtitle Translation, Film Studies.

A picture of a person from the shoulders up, looking away from the camera and smiling

Shivonne Gates

Research - PhD | Research Seminar Organiser
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Language and ethnicity, language variation, style, identity, sociophonetics

Matthew Hunt Linguistics MRes Student

Matthew Hunt

Research - MRes

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, experimental linguistics, language and cognition, language and emotion and language in sport

Christian Ilbury

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: language variation and change, digital language, the phonology/orthography interface, style, sociophonetics

Aleksandr Kalinin

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Syntax and Semantics of Conjunctions

Stamatina Katsiveli-Siachou linguistics phd student

Stamatina Katsiveli-Siachou

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociolinguistics; conversation analysis; gender and sexuality; language and identity; intersectionality; language and place; Greek national identity

Sarah Kirk-Brown linguistics MRes student

Sarah Kirk-Brown

Research - MRes

Research interests : Corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics

A picture of a person in a blue and white patterned shirt looking at the camera and smiling

Andy Law

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociophonetics; queer linguistics; identity, particularly (trans)gender and sexuality; style; indexicality; intersectionality; perception; stereotypes

Scott Lewis Linguistics PhD student

Scott Lewis

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociophonetics

Maame Nikabs, linguistics PhD student profile picture

Maame Nikabs

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, media language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, ethnography of communication

Rosie Oxbury Linguistics PhD student

Rosie Oxbury

Research - PhD

Research interests : variationist sociolinguistics; language contact; youth language; multilingualism; discourse analysis

Elisa Passoni linguistics PhD student

Elisa Passoni

Research - PhD

Research interests : Phonetics, sociophonetics, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, L2 teaching, bilingualism, indexicality, gender studies, statistics for Social Sciences.

Tom Rausch

Research - PhD

Research interests : Risk Communication, Health Communication, English as a Lingua Franca, Discourse Analysis

Melisa Rinaldi

Research - PhD

Research interests : Comparative syntax; DP structure, particularly bare nouns; predication

Danniella Samos

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, health communication, discourse analysis, gender, sexuality, agency, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphor

A picture of Louis Strange, a Linguistics MRes student

Louis Strange

Research - MRes

Research interests : Sociolinguistics; linguistic landscapes; language ideology

Miriam Tenderini

Research - PhD

Research interests : relationship between language, music and emotion

Chen Wang

Research - PhD

Research interests : Chinese syntax, syntax-semantic interface, aspect system, event structure

Huiying (Dora) Wen linguistics PhD student

Huiying Wen

Research - PhD

Research interests : syntax and semantics of relative clauses, DE construction in Chinese, Chinese syntax

Panpan Yao

Research - PhD

Research interests : second language acquisition, comparative syntax, sentence processing, cognitive neuroscience

Adrian Yip linguistics PhD student

Wing Hei Adrian Yip

Research - PhD

Research interests : representation of gender and other identities, sport and professional communication, multimodality in media discourse, corpus linguistics and discourse analysis.

Nate Young

Research - PhD

Research interests : Language, social class, and ethnicity in Scandinavia

Hui Zhao

Research - PhD
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Sociophonetics, Perception, Language Attitude, Mandarin Chinese; Phonetic/Phonological variation, Bilingualism and Quantitative analysis

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