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Zoe Adams

PhD Student

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language and persuasion, language attitudes, Multicultural London English, language and ethnicity

David Adger

Professor of Linguistics
Room : ArtsOne 1.20
+44 (0)20 7882 8289

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Syntax and its interfaces, Linking syntactic and variationist approaches to variable phenomena.

Mohammad Alhailawani

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Arabic Syntax, DP Syntax.

Dimitrinka Atanasova

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Room : The Bancroft Building, 2.38

Research interests : health communication, discourse analysis, framing, metaphors, science communication

Anne Beshears

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntax and Semantics, specifically Comparatives, Relative/Correlatives, Definiteness/Indefiniteness, The interaction of grammaticality and pragmatics, Indo-European languages including Hindi and Marwari

James Brookes

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Linguistics
Room : TBC

Research interests : Main: statistical computing and quantitative research techniques, grammar, morphosyntactic variation (especially concerning verbs), linguistics of English, linguistics of Latin. Other: Indo-European historical linguistics, information structure

Barbara Clark

Visiting Researcher

Research interests : Linguistic anthropology; Flight attendants; Institutional discourse; Language, gender, and power; Language ideology.

Shivonne Gates

PhD Candidate / Research Seminar Organiser
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Language and ethnicity, style, identity, discourse analysis, sociophonetics

Catherine Gkritziou

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Long Distance Dependencies (Relative Clauses, Focus Movement, Topicalization, Clitic Left Dislocation, Interrogatives, cleft constructions), Locality and Islands, Resumption, Clause Structure, Greek Syntax, Tense and Aspect

David Hall

Postdoctoral Research Assistant on AThEME: The Emergence of Multiethnic Varieties
Room : Arts One 1.41A

Research interests : DP syntax; head movement; the syntax of noun modification; linearization and word order; Multicultural London English; Japanese syntax; Mandarin noun phrase syntax

Melissa Harvison

Research - PhD

Research interests : genre theory and analysis, emergent computer mediated discourse, corpus linguistics, forensic linguistics, English for academic purposes, discipline-specific student writing

Christian Ilbury

Research - PhD
Room : Arts 1.17A

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: language variation and change, digital language, the phonology/orthography interface, style, sociophonetics

John Ladhams

Research staff

Research interests : Pidgins, Creoles and other contact languages; Languages in isolation; Varieties of Portuguese; Amazonian languages

Andy Law

Research - PhD

Kesson Majid

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Maame Nikabs

PhD student

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, media language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, ethnography of communication

Tom Rausch

Research - PhD

Research interests : Risk Communication, Health Communication, English as a Lingua Franca, Discourse Analysis

Melisa Rinaldi

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntax; Bare singular nominals; The Syntax of Isleta

Danniella Samos

PhD Student

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, health communication, discourse analysis, gender, sexuality, agency, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphor

Miriam Tenderini

Research - PhD

Research interests : relationship between language, music and emotion

Christos Vlachos

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
Room : The Bancroft Building, 2.38

Research interests : wh-questions, ellipsis, anaphora, clausal complement selection

Chen Wang

Research - PhD

Research interests : Chinese syntax, syntax-semantic interface, aspect system, event structure

Panpan Yao

PhD student

Research interests : second language acquisition, comparative syntax, sentence processing, cognitive neuroscience

Nate Young

British Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Training Center Ph.D. student

Research interests : Language, social class, and ethnicity in Scandinavia

Mei Yuan

Research - PhD

Research interests : language attitude, language adaptation, language acquisition

Hui Zhao

PhD student
Room : Linguistics Research Centre

Research interests : Sociophonetics, Perception, Language Attitude, Mandarin Chinese; Phonetic/Phonological variation, Bilingualism and Quantitative analysis

Kathleen McCarthy

Lecturer in Linguistics
Room : 1.13A Arts One
0207 882 7557

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