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A picture of the PhD cohort of 2016-17 stood outside of the LingLab

We have a vibrant PhD community at QMUL, with a broad range of research projects spanning syntax, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, and more. Below you can find profiles of our current PhD students and their contact information.

Zoe Adams

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, language and persuasion, language attitudes, Multicultural London English, language and ethnicity

Mohammad Alhailawani

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Arabic Syntax, DP Syntax

Anne Beshears

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntax and Semantics, specifically Comparatives, Relative/Correlatives, Definiteness/Indefiniteness, The interaction of grammaticality and pragmatics, Indo-European languages including Hindi and Marwari

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Shivonne Gates

Research - PhD | Research Seminar Organiser
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Language and ethnicity, language variation, style, identity, sociophonetics

Melissa Harvison

Research - PhD

Research interests : genre theory and analysis, emergent computer mediated discourse, corpus linguistics, forensic linguistics, English for academic purposes, discipline-specific student writing

Christian Ilbury

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics: language variation and change, digital language, the phonology/orthography interface, style, sociophonetics

Aleksandr Kalinin

Research - PhD

Research interests : Syntactic Theory, Ellipsis, Syntax and Semantics of Conjunctions

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Andy Law

Research - PhD

Research interests : sociophonetics; queer linguistics; identity, particularly (trans)gender and sexuality; style; indexicality; intersectionality; perception; stereotypes

Maame Nikabs

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, media language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, ethnography of communication

Elisa Passoni

Research - PhD

Research interests : Phonetics, sociophonetics, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, L2 teaching, bilingualism, indexicality, gender studies, statistics for Social Sciences.

Tom Rausch

Research - PhD

Research interests : Risk Communication, Health Communication, English as a Lingua Franca, Discourse Analysis

Melisa Rinaldi

Research - PhD

Research interests : Comparative syntax; DP structure, particularly bare nouns; predication

Danniella Samos

Research - PhD

Research interests : Sociolinguistics, health communication, discourse analysis, gender, sexuality, agency, corpus linguistics, conceptual metaphor

Miriam Tenderini

Research - PhD

Research interests : relationship between language, music and emotion

Chen Wang

Research - PhD

Research interests : Chinese syntax, syntax-semantic interface, aspect system, event structure

Panpan Yao

Research - PhD

Research interests : second language acquisition, comparative syntax, sentence processing, cognitive neuroscience

Nate Young

Research - PhD

Research interests : Language, social class, and ethnicity in Scandinavia

Hui Zhao

Research - PhD
Room : Linguistics Lab, Arts Research Centre

Research interests : Sociophonetics, Perception, Language Attitude, Mandarin Chinese; Phonetic/Phonological variation, Bilingualism and Quantitative analysis

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