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The research of the Sociolinguistics Research Group has focussed on how language is embedded in the social context of its use. This includes an interest in the ways in which language varies across time, across different social groups and in different social contexts. We have developed a cross-methodological approach, recruiting quantitative, qualitative and experimental methods to understanding how language use interfaces with social structure and individual subjectivity. 

 This group includes:

Academic Staff Postdocs and Visitors PhD Students
  • Jenny Cheshire
  • Colleen Cotter
  • Esther de Leeuw 
  • Erez Levon
  • Agnieszka Lyons
  • Devyani Sharma
  • Jenny Amos
  • Jonathan Kasstan
  • John Ladhams
  • Kesson Majid
  • Barbara Clark
  • Mei Yuan
    • Reem Alkhammash
    • Abigael Candelas de la Ossa
    • Pavadee Saisuwan
    • Hui Zhao
    • Zoe Adams
    • Shivonne Gates
    • Danniella Samos
    • Miriam Tenderini (formerly Kirsch)
    • Melissa Carol Harvison
    • Sujin Lee
    • Nate Young
    • Chiara Marchetti

We hold a fortnightly Sociolinguistics reading group. Announcements about this group can be obtatined by subscribing to the linguistics research mailing list: at QMULs listserver.


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