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Undergraduate study at the Department of Linguistics

The Department offers a number of degrees at the undergraduate level. We offer a single-honours degree in linguistics (English Language and Linguistics), two joint-honours with literature (English Literature and Linguistics and Comparative Literature and Linguistics) and four joint-honours with languages (French and Linguistics, German and Linguistics, Hispanic Studies and Linguistics and Russian and Linguistics). We are ranked third in the UK for undergraduate studies in Linguistics in the Times Good University Guide (subscribers only).

If you are thinking of studying linguistics and would like to know what marketable skills it will give you, you might like to look at the Prospects graduate careers website.

To find a list of the Linguistics Modules available in 2015-16, go here:

Undergraduate degree programmes

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English Language and Linguistics QQH1 BA/EnglLL (three years)

English Literature and Linguistics QQ13 BA/EL (three years)

French and Linguistics RQ11 BA/FrLing (four years)

German and Linguistics RQ21 BA/GeLin4 (four years)

Hispanic Studies and Linguistics RQ41 BA/HSLin4 (four years)

Russian and Linguistics QR17 BA/RusL4 (four years)

Comparative Literature and Linguistics QQ21 BA CompLitLing (three years)


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