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Careers in Linguistics

Linguistics is unusual in equipping students with a wide range of skills:

  • using evidence to build arguments
  • skills in fieldwork and gathering data
  • ability to see patterns in complicated situations
  • confidence in learning new systems
  • understanding of human behaviour and communication
  • sensitivity to language and diverse communities

This means that Linguistics will provide you with a varied set of skills that can be applied to many different jobs and careers – from numeracy, logical thinking and data analysis to communication and presentation, working with diverse groups of people, and use of information technology.

Careers that relate directly to linguistics include:

  • information technology
  • translation and interpreting
  • education
  • speech and language therapy
  • publishing
  • research and policy development

Our students have also gone into fields like advertising, journalism, TV presenting, human resources, marketing, forensics, counselling and social work.

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