Anita Szakay

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Current Role: 
Lecturer in Linguistics (2013-15)
Research interests: 
Experimental Sociophonetics, Bidialectal and Bilingual Speech Perception, Ethnic Varieties of English


Journal Articles

  • Szakay, Anita (2012) Voice Quality as a Marker of Ethnicity in New Zealand: From Acoustics to Perception. Journal of Sociolinguistics 16(3):382–397.

  • Torgersen, Eivind & Anita Szakay (2012) An investigation of rhythm in London EnglishNew Horizons in Sociophonetic Variation and Change. Special Issue of Lingua 122(7):822-840.

Edited Volumes

  • Rogers, Beth & Anita Szakay (eds.) (2010) Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas. UBC Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol 29. September 2010.

  • Szakay, Anita, Connor Mayer, Beth Rogers, Bryan Gick & Joel Dunham (eds.) (2009) Interlocution: Linguistic structure and human interaction. UBC Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol 24. July 2009.



  • Szakay, Anita, Michael Rießler, Ida Toivonen, Diane Nelson, Zita McRobbie-Utasi and Nina Widjaja (2007) Saami linguistics bibliography. In Toivonen, Ida and Diane Nelson (eds.), Saami Linguistics, pp. 259-303. John Benjamins.